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Etching Resist Ink for Aluminum Foil


EMS ink is solvent dry type etching resist ink of excellent printability. It excels in resistance to acid and can be easily washed off in a light alkaline water solution.

Diluent Toluene/MEK/ Propylene glycol mono methyl ether
Baking condition 150 ℃×10 sec    Hot air drier

■ Features

  • Excellent printability
    It excels in printability and does not cause any stains and ink residuals on the plates.

  • Excels in acid resistance
    At normal temperature it withstands concentrated hydrochloric acid immersion for more than a minute.

  • Excels in alkaline washability
    Dissolves easily in 1wt% NaOH solution at normal temperature.

  • Excels in blocking resistance
    Blocking does not occur even between two print surfaces and can be used for perfecting printing.

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