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NT-MX OP Varnish Improved-1

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"NT-MX OP Varnish Improved-1", non-toluene OP varnish used for treated soft aluminum foils, was developed to enable safer packaging materials and to improve the workplace environment. Compared to the conventional OP varnishes, it excels in heat resistance and is applicable to the cap seals of food containers such as lactobacillus beverages.
Main Resin Chlorinated PP resin
Diluent Ethyl acetate/n-Propyl acetate=50/50 (NT-MX 100 solution)
Non-volatile content 23±1% 
Under-print primer TOKA No.7 Non-toluene Primer (general type)
TOKA No.8 Primer NT Improved-2 (adhesiveness)
Under-print ink NT-MX Ink (vinyl chloride /vinyl acetate copolymer resin)
Heat resistance Printed material withstands heat seal tester condition of 200℃×3㎏/cm²×3sec.


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