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Developed for the preprinting of business forms, UV MWP is highly versatile UV ink used for all kinds of forms in areas like finance, insurance and public works. It is applicable to any printer currently used by the end-user. Further, it is all-in-one answer for business forms in that it requires no specific kind of paper, and works well with all, such as high quality, carbonless and thermal, papers.


  • Superior drying property and excellent printability.
  • Cured ink film has excellent heat resistance. (Ink film is particularly steadfast in case of heat roll printer.)
  • Can be used as UV ink for carbonless paper.
  • Can be used as UV ink for thermal paper.
  • Can be used for printing on high quality and coated papers.

For more details, please contact to sales representative of T&K TOKA or distributor in your legion.

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