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UV NECO Series is the environmentally friendly energy-saving UV curable ink for the overseas market with excellent printability, stability on the press machine and curing properties for energy-saving UV systems, including LE and LED-UV lamps.
UV NECO Series makes the printed matter to the next stage with its brilliant color, smooth trapping and excellent dot reproduction.
Under its design concept, UV NECO Series is versatile for all kinds of UV systems from conventional UV lamps to LE and LED-UV lamps, which leads customers to consolidate their inventory.
In addition to the properties above, UV NECO Series is designed to be free from harmful components and has excellent deinkability. Besides, UV NECO Series is declared for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing companies in northern Europe.
UV NECO Series conforms to "Exclusion Policy For Printing Inks And Related Products" established by EuPIA.

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