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UV Removable OP Varnish Series

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"UV Release OP Varnish" series UV-OP varnishes have release property. Three types of varnishes, categorized according to release strength, are available.
Product Name Features
UV Release OP Varnish UP-200 Release strength: Strong. Difficult to use for offset printing.
UV Release OP Varnish UP-2 Release strength: Medium. General purpose. Excellent heat resistance. Slide Angle: 8~9°
UV Release OP Varnish A-3 Release strength: Weak Slide Angle: 12~13°


  • Vehicle composition is almost same in all the three types; they are rapid drying L Carton OP type varnishes.
  • Useable as an undercoat of silver ink (screen ink) used for scratch cards. The characters concealed under silver ink can be scratched out easily. Public lottery is one of the applications.
  • Since the varnish of this series has release property, it can be used as glue release agent.
  • Highly heat resistant. It depends on the application but it can endure temperatures over 300℃. (Confirmation required)
  • Release strength can be manipulated by arbitrarily mixing above-mentioned OP varnishes.

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