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UV Matte OP Varnish TS-BN

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"UV Matte OP Varnish TS" UV curing matte OP varnish is used in various printing presses like offset lithographic, resin letterpress, and dry offset. This UV varnish offers the best printability among the UV Matte OP varnishes.


  • It is an L Carton type matte OP varnish.
  • It offers the best printability among the UV matte OP varnishes and deters piling on plate and blanket.
  • Its excellent printability comes at the expense of matte finish in that it provides inferior matte finish than other types.
  • Like "UV Matte OP Varnish AT", it dries rapidly.
  • Cannot be used for overprinting on oil-based inks.

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